Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the duration of the contest?

The contest starts from 14 June 2019 and ends at 11.59pm, 30th September 2019.

How do I register for the contest?

Interested participants may register at

Can we register as a group?

Yes, you may register as a group. However you are required to submit the information of your teammates.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, you may submit multiple entries (a separate competition entry form must accompany each entry). However, each participant (individually or group) can only win one prize.

What is the output format required in the conceptual drawings?

The output requirements are: a 3D rendering and/or hand-sketches for angle views; and a 2D rendering for the schematic plan.

Can I add on any other angles views in my conceptual drawings to express my thoughts or message?

Yes, it will be an added advantage.

Will there be an advantage given if I provide extra information about my concept and design?

Yes, participants are encouraged to provide elaborations on their design and concept.

Can I use a design or drawing from a past project I had used in other contest?

No, the Submitted Material must be unpublished or has never been submitted to any other competitions or events.

Can the presentation be done in Chinese or other language besides English?

No, the presentation must be made in English language.

Can I use an animation style video format to showcase their work during the presentation?

Yes, as long as you fulfill the requirements of the contest, with presentation slides not less than 20 slides and can be completed within the time limit of 10 minutes.

What must the submission documents consists of?

The submission documents must consists of an A0 poster size portrait or landscape, set in a High Resolution Portable Document (PDF) file format. The file must have a minimum of 300dpi resolution, but must not exceed 20MB

The Submission documents will also consist of the Rationales of the Design & Concept and the 5 Elements under Sustainability.
The Rationales of 5 Elements under Sustainability consists of: Originality, Creativity & Innovativeness, Practicality, Financial (Cost Effectiveness & Efficiency) and Worthiness. All the rationales must be separated and the words used to explain each of them must not exceed 500 words for each topic. They  must also be accompanied with visuals or illustration to make them easier to understand.

Am I allowed to record their presentation and send it to the judges if they can’t make it to the presentation venue?

No, pre-recorded presentations are not allowed. Pre-recorded presentations will be disqualified.

What is the current percentage of completion of the construction site?

45% of construction work has been completed (as of 18 June 2019).